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MOOSIC,PA -----"I am super excited to present a concept near and dear to my heart. A place to grab healthy food options, read a book, play old school Mario, or surf the web. This Cafe will have vegan and gluten free options for those with a stricter diet. Nearme café has been a true labor of love, and we are ecstatic to open its doors.”-Chelsea Manganaro, founder and owner of Nearme Yoga, NEPA Yoga Festival and Nearme Cafe.


Nearme Cafe will be housed in the back of Nearme Yoga studio and Boutique in Moosic PA. You can enter in the side entrance to grab healthy food and a cup of coffee. (Don't worry we come some yummy comfort food too!). When available we will be teaming up with local farms to offer the freshest produce. Our food is prepared with love, and will look so good you will want to take a picture before you dive in.


We invite you to step inside and enjoy the company of like minded people. We also have community library where you can come and bring your old books, and snag a new one. We house a local Coffee distributor called Moka Origins.


Join us on February 17 from 12-4 for a Celebration of our Grand Opening. We will have sampling of the food on the menu. And in case you can’t live without a full portion, all of the food will be available as a grab and go option.


Customers can contact Nearme Café at 570-840-3220,

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